Sunday, July 4, 2010

Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 Installation


First Insert the disk or get the Latest DVD from

Click on install Symantec Endpoint protection manager

Click Next

Accept the agreement

Choose the location

Select the port in which you want the Symantec Website to run.

Click on Install

Watch the installation :)

Click on finish and wait for a minute

Choose advanced from managment server Configuration wizard

Select the number of computers in your network

Choose first site as its the first time your installing it :)

I would recommend you to leave the ports to default, However you can change it if you have some other service running on the same port.

Give this site a name or leave it default :)

Type in the encryption password for your database.

Choose the database you wanna use, I would choose Sql for failover setup. However if you have a less number of computers you can choose embedded

I will create a new database since its an new setup.

Enter the sql server settings, and Database Password.

Enter the managment console password. Username is admin by default which can be renamed later :)

Choose yes and click on next... Help Symantec a bit :)

watch it go smooth.. :) :D

Choose No and click finish

Login to the manager with username: admin and the password which you specified

Enjoy the Manager.... :)

Thats it regarding installation... Will post more settings soon.... :) :)

By : - Haresh

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